Cleaning the Church

Well, yes. My part-time job is performing the assistant sexton duties at my church, which means cleaning. I clean the pulpit, I clean the minister’s office, I clean the kitchen, I clean five bathrooms, I clean all the Sunday School classrooms, and I clean the stairwells.

Sometimes this means sweeping up a lot of crushed Goldfish crackers, scrubbing finger paint out of a rug, wiping handprints off the woodwork. And sometimes it means there is a nasty note in the office from a parishioner: “Please tell whoever is cleaning to mop the stairs. They look atrocious!” Cranky old lady!

But there are rewards for me as well. My minister loves how I clean her office. For me, it is a mitzvah, an almost holy act, to clean her office. She saved my life several years ago…

However, the thing I like most about cleaning my church (other than my OCD being gratified) is the myriad of spiders I meet. Spiders love church! I don’t kill them, but sometimes I urge them to find a better hiding place. Life is where you find it, and sometimes it’s in a web.


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