Hello Cat

Dear Cat Named Cat:

Last night was a big deal in your world, right? Did you sneak out to sit on the flying broom of some old dame with a pointy hat?  Did you get to warm yourself by the bubbling pot of toil and trouble? Did you have fun howling at the moon and hissing at little kids?

Halloween at my house is a non-event. We have lots of decorations, but the sad fact is that we get no trick-or-treaters. Part of that is because we live at the end of a gravel road, embedded in a forest. It’s a long walk down to our house for little kids.

However, the upside is that we are a sort of animal sanctuary. Right now there are 10 wild turkeys feasting on bugs in the backyard. We have seen coyotes (and lost cats to them), raccoons, the ubiquitous squirrels, gorgeous red foxes, and on very lucky early mornings, deer. In fact, we buy hay each winter and put it in the woods to feed the deer.

Since we have four dogs, 5 guinea pigs and a rabbit, we are cat-less at the moment. Our last cat was the sweet Prudence. She was happy to the end.

Someday the dogs will have passed on, our little backyard grave site will welcome them, I’ll plant flowers around them in the spring, and we will have cats again.

A late Happy Halloweenie to you, Cat. Hope it was fun!

ps – Your human is a writer and Cat is the best name he could come up with for you? Huh.


One thought on “Hello Cat

  1. Cat is sleeping, resting for her upcoming photo session. After sitting on my lap and hearing your post, she asked that I tell you how pleased she was to be mentioned in cyberspace. Be sure and thank Julemry for her post, she told me, looking me straight in the eye through drooping, sleepy lids. Also in the tradition of Dick Gregory who named one of his children “Miss” she prefers “Cat” to guard against the creeping anthropomorphism she observes daily around her. While she plays well with humans, she wishes to remind all that she has unique skills as a cat. In order to bring attention to this unique spirit–which does no harm, communicates precisely, and problem solves without confusing duplicity or subterfuge–she has chosen to assert her identity through strongly identifying with her intelligence and biology so she might not be diminished in any way through her contact and journey with humans. The generic name takes on singular respect. Hence, “Cat.” Power, self-definition, happiness, warm spaces, full bellies, and love to all.

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