Christmas 2011 Joys

A longtime friend of my son has joined us for Christmas for several years now. His parents are divorced, and maybe a little dysfunctional in their lives, and our friend cares for them deeply but knows that they cannot be there for him. They just don’t have it in them.

So we welcome him with love, give him presents, feed him a big meal, etc.  He is one of the family.

The morning after Christmas this year, he sent me a message on Facebook. He thanked us for his wonderful Christmas, for always welcoming him into our home, for his gifts, etc.

But he also said I have become a second mother to him. He thanked me for always talking to him, counseling him, caring about him, and helping him find his way in the world. I was overjoyed to read this and to know that he cares about me the way I care about him.

We love you Sean. You’re family.


Christmas 2011 Sorrow

My old Corgi, Mackintosh, was humanely euthanized just a week before Christmas. He was beginning to be paralyzed in his back legs, was having some breathing problems, and had a urine rash. Without even taking a blood sample, the vet gently told us that he was in the end stage of his life, and this would be the kindest thing we could do for him. So after eleven years of being my best friend, I held him as he passed.

My friend Barbara suggested I remember him as he was, “happy, healthy and handsome.” So here he is, sitting on the beach and looking grand. I miss you so much, little guy. Thanks for loving me.Image