Recession Depression – Whine Version

It’s been a bad summer, hasn’t it? I’ve had friends lose jobs, I’ve seen longtime local small businesses close, my own small business has slowed down, and my spouse is working 2 jobs now.
Vacations? HAH. Back to school shopping? $50 was all we could spend. Help with the yardwork? I wish.
I did get a very very part-time job at a non-profit, and even that is now under threat. They cut the hours in half and are now discussing how to cut it even further. It’s nothing fabulous – I clean. I clean an old church now. It’s also the church I attend, which is a little weird. People don’t know how to talk to me now.
I was comforted by a friend who told me that her husband had just lost his biggest client – no more European vacations for her for a while. But she has a fun job, and my spouse is hiring her for projects, and her husband has a unique specialty so he’ll have no trouble getting a new big client.
And I am cleaning. Yesterday I cleaned the pulpit, the pews, the foyer, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen, a parlor and an office. Did it in 2-1/2 hours too. But…
I guess I should be buffing up the old resume instead of blogging, because I have a feeling that this is not going to end well.
Sorry for the whining. Oh, did I mention it’s October? The Sox are not in the play-offs, and the leaves are not changing, and soon winter will be here.
Umm. So again, sorry for whining.